About us

We're glad to see you on this page as you have may be found some tool(s) that fits your needs (or at least was it useful for you ? )

As web devloppers, Linux Security admins, DBA, front-end and back-end developers for over ten years, we have been in need of tools to acheive our daily duties, but it was always a pain in head to find them or at least try to remember and save each link..

For that reason, as you reached this website which means you may be have the same needs, we put in front of our eyes a goal:

Build an awesome website with hundreds of tools for all purposes, all in one place

Of course it's not yet done and it will never be finished because web devloppment is end-less, we will be always working on new tools and features that will make OUR needs reached, but also never stop improving the existing ones.

Have any idea in your head? just share it with us and we will be glad to work on it!